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As opposed to the insurance adjuster, our only goal is to make sure you get the reimbursement you deserve - and we're willing to take as long as is necessary to argue and file on your behalf.


Put our years of handling insurance companies to work for you.

So when you've been hurt through the fault or carelessness of another person, business, or the government, give us a call to go over your situation. Our attorney only works personal injury cases and will make sure you get the best representation.

If there is only one thing you take away from this page, it's should be that an insurance adjuster does not have your best interest at heart. Their one goal is to be able to deny a claim. Failing that, they will try to settle quickly and for pennies on the dollar.

Who can you trust?

Not their adjusters!

Seek compensation when your life is derailed

Let us handle their lawyers and adjusters

 • Auto accidents

 • Motorcycle accidents

 • Slip and falls

 • Product liability

 • Medical malpractice

 • Nursing home abuse

 • Dog bites

 • Work-related injuries

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